Artist Statement

photo: Mia Thom

Antonia is first and foremost a painter, but experiments with different media in many of their projects. Their main interest being the feeling of shame surrounding human intimacy and desire. They use pornography and visual storytelling as a tool to gain insight into these topics.

They graduated with a BA, guided by Berlin Painter Heike Kati Barath at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2016.

In 2022 Antonia was awarded the DAAD exchange scholarship to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Art in Cape Town, South Africa.

In their drawing sessions, Antonia creates an open space to experience oneself or shared intimacy without judgement. New and subtle ways of communication are opened, which exist beyond photography or words, for people to express vulnerability, shame or lust in a fluid, creative and expressive flow.

PILOTENKUECHE international art program

Artist spotlight from the international art program in Leipzig. Antonia Wetzel was part of the 40th round of artists attending the residency.


03/2023 Brutal Curation, Cape Town,  solo show

11/2022 Michaelis School of Art, Cape Town, grad show

06/2022 HELMUT e.V., solo show

12/2021 P7 Gallery, Berlin, group exhibition

05/2021 Residency Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin-Lichtenberg

06/2021 RoomBoom Festival, Schkeuditz, group exhibition, Mural work

09/2019 Gallery PILOTENKUECHE Leipzig „Grateful Park“, performance and group exhibition

08/2019 Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig „Hungry dungeon friends“, group exhibition

09/2019 RoomBoom Festival, Schkeuditz „everything apart from that“, group exhibition, Mural work

05/2019 Gallery Gängeviertel ABC Festival „Mona O“, performance

09/2019 Gallery Schöneberg, Berlin „Plants“, solo exhibition

09/2018 Gallery at Kaffee Stark, St. Pauli, Hamburg

11/2016 Gallery of the University of the Arts Bremen „Niesolosein“

09/2016 Spedition e.V., Bremen „Facing the sun“, single exhibition

04/2016 level one, Hamburg „HfK meets HKS“

02/2016 K20, Düsseldorf „Response to Agnes Martin“

01/2016 Unterhalb, Bremen „no theme is a theme“

Room Boom Festival 2021

Interview for the 2021 Urban Art Festival in Schkeuditz.

Michaelis School of Art Grad Show

Virtual tour of the graduation show in Cape Town, 2022.