Daily Fun: an exhibition in Berlin / Cape Town

‘Daily Fun’ is a collaborative exhibition between Antonia Wetzel (Germany) and Sandile Radebe (South Africa) taking place in Berlin, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa. The two artists utilise the tabloid South African newspaper ‘Daily Sun’ as a conduit to investigate the malleability in the reading of archival materials, dissemination of knowledge, and the construction of the historical record. The two artists collaborate to develop a method that operates beyond the archive repository from its presupposed objectivity and hegemonic role by interweaving various ways of disseminating information in the public realm towards new outcomes. 

From isiZulu cultural practices, guerilla advertising, installation art, painting and print media, the duo offers a new lens into reading, imagining and engaging with knowledge and its framing in a way that opens for multiple interpretations of what is. By merging their disparate epistemic bases towards one objective, the artists find a method of disentangling from the ramifications presented by a singular lens of the world to develop new imaginaries and speculate on future trajectories in knowledge production. 

The inaugural presentation of this exhibition opens at Salon am Moritzplatz in Berlin on 21 September 2023. Subsequently, the second itera1on of the show is at Circa, Cape Town, opening on 23 November 2023. Notably, this show is made possible by the generous support of IFA, Salon am Moritzplatz and Everard Read Galleries.