the sun, the grid and the glory hole

The sun, the grid and the glory hole

I am such a romantic, you know, and I think about death all the time, but that makes corny artwork, so I throw in a butthole sometimes.

Everything under the sun shall burn

„The graphic novel ‚everything under the sun shall burn‘ was self-published in Cape Town in collaboration with Dream Press risograph publishing. The story encompasses the journey of the artist from the onset of the pandemic in South Africa in 2020 until their return to Berlin and their struggle with the falling apart of a relationship, which mirrors the breaking apart of known structures in the world during the pandemic.“ –  Cape Town 2022.

There is only one button on the top floor

Photos shot by Tommy Knipsfinger, Leipzig, 2022.


„The artist creates an immersive mural to draw you into their memories of 6 months in South Africa. A story told in fragments and thoughts, inviting you to put the pieces together yourself. A wild ride of sex, drugs, Jiu-Jitsu, friendship, South African wine, dying pot plants, sun over clouded mountains and overall busy life as an artist living far from home.“ – Helmut Gallery, Leipzig 2022.

Bald and beautiful

„Being bald and a woman makes you dive right into the intersection of gender politics and what constitutes beauty. But queerness opens up a space where normative constructs have a history of being questioned and overthrown, anyhow, so queerness and baldness go together quite well.


steff is a gender fluid queer friend and amazing, strong person. My favorite quote, they said during our collaboration was: „In life, I want to become ever bigger, ever wider and more free….“

Sadie Lune

Sadie Lune is an icon of queer feminist art, pornography and sex-work empowerment. She has performed in several and directed feminist adult films. She is an amazing person, queer parent, a public speaker and dominant coach, diffusing shame, flexing intimacy muscles wherever she goes.

Shibari with F. and S.

„Being invited into the space of lovers/kinksters/strangers and seeing the story of how two people treat each other unfold before my eyes always makes me humble and calm.
Most of all it liberates me from my own feelings of shame. I can let that go. I can just be, see, draw and exist and watch people tie each other up and be happy doing it.
What a time to be alive.


A tribute to the controversial work Irreversible by Gaspar Noé


A tribute to the dark and intense photography work of Antoine D’Agata’s „Antibodies“